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Software testing is among the important stages of developing a software. Testing is all about identifying faults in a software product. Testing should start and planned at an early stage and should be based on the client’s requirements. The testing process is executed by a person known as a tester or a group of testers. There are various testing methods depending on the software tester, the testing can be of either structural or functional features of a software Below are some points about software testing method categories.

Unit testing is a method that tests only a particular set of codes or a specific basic program for the software. The syntax and the logical errors in a program and codes are identified in this testing category. The testing can be entrusted to an organization or a single tester. It is advisable to correct the errors immediately they are identified. Ensure that all errors are eliminated in the unit testing stage.

Integration testing is a category of testing done after combining the basic software units. Errors not identified in the unit testing can be identified in the integration testing. The unit compatibility is done in the integration testing category and correction measure are put to ensure the testing process continues smoothly. This product is tested using results on the users computer while testing a software is called system testing. The system testing deals with the functionality of the system.

Interface testing is another category of software systems. Users are asked on their opinion about the interface of the software and whether they can click the buttons in the interface. The interface projection should be eye catching for users and easy to understand so as to allow easy marketing of a software developers product. Is the software acceptable by the users and managers of an organization? Is the question to be answered in the acceptance testing. Managers should give reviews about the new software installed in their systems and ask for support where the are unable to understand.

Non-functionality testing is done for the performance factor. Loading jobs on the computer and processing them with the software is one of the ways of checking whether the performance meets the users requirements. Cost is a crucial factor to consider when determining the type of the system and how much it costs to maintain the system. While installing a software to a computer it should run without any struggles or errors. The above categories should always be used when testing a software system.